One of the main aims of BRIGHT is to fund research work to the benefit of all gastro-intestinal cancer patients. All of the charity trustees are involved in research studies and here you can find out more about their work.

Kingston University study

Dr Essapen, in conjunction with Professor Modjtahedi, continue their research at London’s Kingston University to try to understand the mechanism of resistance of bowel cancer to therapy and to reveal which patients with bowel cancer could have increased survival rates. Patients from St Luke’s are contributing by providing the clinical data for this study.

Professor Helmout Modjtahedi in the laboratories at Kingston University, London

Rectal brachytherapy database

With the Papillon machine now in place at St Luke’s, Dr Stewart is setting up a national database for rectal brachytherapy to allow her to research and track the effectiveness of the Papillon treatment for all UK patients to provide a robust insight into potential side effects and survival outcomes.

Dr Stewart setting up national database for rectal brachytherapy

Bowel & liver cancer study

Dr Dhillon is about to launch research into cancer which has spread from the bowel into the liver. Bowel and liver cancer are closely linked so he is going to be looking at the underlying biology of cancer cells for these two areas. Understanding the differences between them will help us to appreciate the implications for future treatments for patients.

Dr Dhillon is planning to research the link between bowell cancer that has spread to the liver